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FAQs Connected to Study abroad with Advance educare solution
Q. Is it a good idea to study Abroad?

Yes, absolutely. Studying in Abroad is undoubtedly a good idea as it will not only provide exposure but also introduce you to different culture and patterns of studies.

Q. Am I eligible to study Abroad ?

Every field of studies has some criteria. Likewise, studying in Abroad also requires some eligibilities which should be fulfilled. Study Abroad consultant will be the best option to know more about this.

Q. How much will it cost to study in any foreign country?

It is one of the frequently asked questions. Cost of study depends upon certain factors. For example which course are you going to pursue, the duration of the course , the country in which you are going any many other things. Therefore, there is not any particular amount which can be considered.

Q. Do any planning is required before applying to an Abroad course?

It is not only about in this particular field but planning and preparations are always advantageous. You should surely plan before applying to any foreign course.

Hiring a study Abroad consultant will be a plus point while planning. You will get a guidance especially when you are applying for the first time.

Q. Which countries should Indian students prioritize?

This is another most frequently asked questions. Many students wants to know the countries that offers the best to Indian students. The only answer to this questions is almost every countries welcomes Indian students because of their skills and qualities.

USA,UK, Canada and Australia are known for having the most number of Indian students. Other countries like Singapore, Germany, France, are also important the race of accepting Indian students.

Another thing that can play a role in selecting the write country is the course which have chosen for yourself. Course availability can also change your preferences.

Q. Is working while studying possible?

Yes, many countries allow students to do part-time jobs while studying as it will help them to take care of their living expenses.

Also, it makes the survival of students easier and incorporate a sense of indecency in them.

Q. How long will be procedure of studying Abroad take?

This questions is asked by many aspirants from their consultants. Generally, it is based on the institutions that you have select. As per our opinion you should apply a year before to get the procedure done on time.

Q. What are the necessary things that should be considered before applying?

There are some necessary things which students must consider before applying to study Abroad like Course availability, scholarships, fees and expenditures, Visa rules, job opportunities etc.

Q. What should I do as I can not afford the expenditures?

This is a major concern of many students. Pursuing academic courses in foreign countries are not easy to afford. Therefore, counsellors generally advice students to take up study loans or to look for scholarships. These steps can help students to achieve their dream of studying in foreign countries.

Q.What are some of the difficulties that I must face in my first visit?

There are some of the common difficulties that you can face in your first visit. You must feel homesick as leaving family and friends behind and leaving in a new country is not at all easy. Also, you might also feel a little cultural shock as the culture of the country will be totally opposite to that of the country you are from.

Q. Will the course that I am going to pursue be accepted in India or other countries?

Every country have its own rules and requirements. Rules or requirements may vary from country to country but they surely cannot reject your degree.

Q. What are the documents that are required for study Abroad?

Documentation is the only lengthy and hectic process in case of applying for foreign countries. Some of the basic documents that are required are:

  • Birth certificate
  • 10th and +2 certificates
  • Post graduate (if required)
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Medical certificate
  • Essays
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Entrance examination result

Q. Is studying Abroad a good decision?

It is considered a good decision by most of the people who want to get more exposure in life. It will also add on to your existing knowledge and allows you to go beyond limitations.

Studying Abroad will offer you better career opportunities as well.

Q.Will I be able to overcome the language barrier?

Many countries doesn’t force foreign students to learn their language. However there are some countries like U.S.A. which require basic knowledge of students over English. There are some countries where English is not the language of communication like Germany and France. Taking short courses on the language will be a plus point for the students.

Q.15. Is an Abroad Consultant needed?

The most obvious answer to this question would be Yes. A study Abroad consultant has knowledge and expertise over the rules and procedures required for applying in different countries. They also have agents in other countries which is actually beneficial for you. A consultant will make things easier for you therefore, it is important to hire a consultant.

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