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The only platform where your all dreams come true.

AESPL (Advance Educare Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd.) is the only platform through which you fly high and will able to reach the heights of success not only in your own country, but out of the country also. So, what are you waiting for, just move forward to grab the education opportunities throughout the world.

We have been India’s Emerging Overseas Education Consultancy since 2019. We stand beside you for choosing the best career by providing you the Overseas Educational Institutions where you will get coaching of various courses like IELTS, PTE, English Speaking or vice versa. AESPL (Advance Educare Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd.) convey knowledge about advance education in many countries like UK, USA Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and vice versa.

Some Facts You May Also Know

AESPL (Advance Educare Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd.) works like a pathfinder to every student by giving a sunshine to make their future brighten. Our highly skilled tutors give you advance education with their advanced skills and knowledge Apart from all these the faculty we are providing to every student..... is a lamp light to see their paths towards their career clearly and confidentially. As you know facts never change. By providing a best faculty and facilities to our students, we will leave the mark of our own Educational Consultancy in their own career..


Want to be the leading as well as the first and only choice of every student while thinking of overseas educational careers. Looking at today’s time we have so many options and choices according to the taste and comfort of every individual. So, Dear students. Let’s move together to become the Future Career Generation for entire world.

Our Ambitions

We explore the best and comfy educational techniques for our students.We are providing the proper facilities to develop the knowledge skills and character of every individual.As a preferred partner for top global educational institutions, we attract the best talent in terms of counsellors and facilitators without... distinction of race, religion or social status and offer a great working environment. We will provide the competing education to our students. We are also able to generate the positive attitudes towards their career ambitions. As we all know for nowadays, every student doesn’t want to become a black sheep for their families. Keeping this thought in our mind we are also focusing on the ambience and environment of our educational institutions.

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 canadian student review on study abroad -AESPL

Swati Dhaka

I am receiving excellent training from AESPL to clear my examinations with the best marks possible.

Germany student review on study abroad -AESPL


AESPL will guide you at every step of procuring all the necessary financial documents, and even help you with scholarship applications and even visa clearance .

Australia student review on GMAT -AESPL


You can even connect with a senior abroad, who is studying or has already completed their studies, and have your doubts cleared by someone who has already done what you will be doing during your studies abroad.

 UK student review on IELTS coaching -AESPL

Chandan Kumar

The experts at AESPL have a thorough understanding of the countries and the best universities and can give you advice on what courses to offer as well as how to apply.

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