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Affiliation means the institute in which you are studying will impart degree issued by the institute it is affiliated to. Whereas, approval means the courses of a particular institute is approved from any autonomous body such as AICTE or UGC....



As a conformity assessment body is accredited, third-parties confirm that it possesses the competence to perform specific conformity assessment tasks. An authoritative body that performs accreditation is called an 'accreditation body'....


Admission in India & Abroad

Admissions Overview For International Students​​ The admission procedure for foreign students is designed taking into consideration the requirements and difficulties faced by every individual. ... The student is required to come to India only when the applicant is shortlisted for a particular program chosen by the student....


Admission Counseling

Admission counseling is the first step leading to career counseling. Access counselors have the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale of almost all prominent schools, colleges and universities...



Evaluation cycle

Best ways of giving coaching to the candidates for best courses like IELTS, GMAT, PTE, and act in which students are able to give personal attention or interest for their own ambitions.

Future Assurance

Provide the best career path light which makes a perfect match to your personality, growing up skills,and work like a guide to help you to reach to your ambitions.

Investment & Scholarships

Legal advice and guidance for affordable educational loans provided by financial institutions and banks.Take less stress and keep more focus on study for higher achievements through great overseas scholarships.

Certification Direction

A perfect and legal direction has been maintained for taking care and well attested documentations for your future requirements.

Study in  America
Reasons to choose United State of America

More than 4,00,000 students applied for USA studies.

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Canada is one of the best study scopes

popular choice for most of the students owing to high-quality education, affordable cost of living, advanced healthcare facilities, mesmerizing landscape, and progressive politics.

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UK is a leading country for career growth

a highest success rate for study visa applications.

Guidence in Affiliation & Approval From

FAQs Connected to Study abroad with Advance educare solution

Q. Is it a good idea to study Abroad?

Yes, absolutely. Studying in Abroad is undoubtedly a good idea as it will not only provide exposure but also introduce you to different culture and patterns of studies.

Q. Am I eligible to study Abroad ?

Every field of studies has some criteria. Likewise, studying in Abroad also requires some eligibilities which should be fulfilled. Study Abroad consultant will be the best option to know more about this.

Q. Do any planning is required before applying to an Abroad course?

It is not only about in this particular field but planning and preparations are always advantageous. You should surely plan before applying to any foreign course.

Hiring a study Abroad consultant will be a plus point while planning. You will get a guidance especially when you are applying for the first time.

Q. Which countries should Indian students prioritize?

This is another most frequently asked questions. Many students wants to know the countries that offers the best to Indian students. The only answer to this questions is almost every countries welcomes Indian students because of their skills and qualities.

USA,UK, Canada and Australia are known for having the most number of Indian students. Other countries like Singapore, Germany, France, are also important the race of accepting Indian students.

Another thing that can play a role in selecting the write country is the course which have chosen for yourself. Course availability can also change your preferences. View All

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AESPL | Partner's Review
 canadian student review on study abroad -AESPL

Swati Dhaka

I am receiving excellent training from AESPL to clear my examinations with the best marks possible.

Germany student review on study abroad -AESPL


AESPL will guide you at every step of procuring all the necessary financial documents, and even help you with scholarship applications and even visa clearance .

Australia student review on GMAT -AESPL


You can even connect with a senior abroad, who is studying or has already completed their studies, and have your doubts cleared by someone who has already done what you will be doing during your studies abroad.

 UK student review on IELTS coaching -AESPL

Chandan Kumar

The experts at AESPL have a thorough understanding of the countries and the best universities and can give you advice on what courses to offer as well as how to apply.

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